Sic Bo online casino Australia is the game with the highest odds


You can find out how much luck you’ve with Sic Bo online casino Australia. Its history begins in Ancient China. It’s been around for so long that in the first version, people played it with number bricks. In Chinese, Sic Bo means “precious bones”. In Australia, it appeared only in mid-20th century.

Ability to place high-risk bets has brought so much popularity. And this’s rewarded with large payouts. Every dice’s roll determines your fate.


Live Sic Bo online is more popular among this game type. Previously, stakes in this type were too high and not everyone could participate. Now bet size starts with low amount and is available to everyone.

Game uses 3 dice at the same time. You can place one or more bets at once. As in standard version, sequence of actions is the same:

Player selects area to bet on and declares amount.

The next action is performed by house. 3 cubes are shaken and thrown on table. I prepared some Sic Bo winning secrets in my another post.

Results are announced, and player receives wins. If your bet matches result of Sic Bo online casino Australia, you’ll receive your real money in accordance with declared coefficients.

Rules of Sic Bo online casino Australia

In Sic Bo online casino Australia, there’re no strict requirements and rules, this game is very simple and brings only pleasure.

Main goal of game is to correctly predict which numbers will fall on dice. All three dice are thrown simultaneously.

Each bid has its own designation. It describes coefficients and payouts. This convenient function allows you not to spend time memorizing large digits number.

Types of bets:

  • Any Number;
  • Two – Dice Combinations;
  • Triple;
  • Any Triple;
  • Totals;
  • Big/Small;
  • Odd/Even;
  • Large/small numbers.

It’s important to remember some points. When a player bets on large/small numbers or even/odd numbers, house advantage will be a maximum of 2.78%. If a player makes Triple in online Sic Bo casino, house advantage will increase significantly.

In Sic Bo game, you’ll not find any strategies. It all depends on your luck. At the beginning, you should choose bets that have high chances of winning. If you decide to choose bets with small chances, you’ll get large payout and storm of emotions.


When you’re just getting acquainted with game and want to test your luck, online simulator is perfect for you. You don’t need to spend your own money. There is no need to register and no download for Sic Bo online casino Australia simulator is required.

Simulator of Sic Bo online casino Australia will be your best free friend at initial stage of learning Sic Bo game. Use it to get extraordinary experience from exciting game.


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