Sic Bo Dice Game: Best Patterns and Strategies

Sic Bo Dice Game – Crown Your Efforts with Success

Sic Bo Dice game is the most common lucky game which originated from China and is played with 3 dice. It is very easy to play and provides lots of fun.

Lucky Sic Bo Gambling Formula

There are some aspects to consider which can be useful for Sic Bo player.

  • Use the Sic Bo dice shaker to roll the dice automatically. It can exclude the human factor and provide the honest outcome of the game.
  • The betting patterns look like Roulette or Craps.To play Sic Bo online free – the player should place the chips on the anticipated dice outcome. If you need to stretch your bankroll, make bets on Big/Small or Odd/Even.
  • Keep your bets small to lower the risk of losing money.

Remember, the outcome depends on the random dice movements. It makes no sense to over-analyze the previous outcomes, as each new game has the same odds as the previous one.

The Most Effective Sic Bo Dice Game Strategies

Sic Bo is a game of luck and it’s hard to predict which numbers will come up but it’s possible to get the maximum out the gameplay by paying attention to the decision-making process and applying the necessary discipline. Some useful strategies can be applicable to get the best results in real money Casino Australia.

  • Low-risk strategy – limit your bets for the best results
  • Balanced strategy – place a bet on the total and combine it with three double bets. This strategy aims to balance all the risks.
  • Small and big bets – make small and big bets to get a favorable result. A Small bet revolves around the player predicting the total of the dice to be between 4 and 10. A Big bet is when the player predicts that the total will be between 11 and 17.
  • Single dice strategy is widely used in the Sic Bo Dice game. When a single dice bet is made, the player predicts that a specific number will appear on the dice.
  • Combination bets are specific bets on 2 numbers.
  • Betting on 8 – put 3 units on a total of 8. This bet may return 27 units if 8 wins.
  • Betting on 9 – 3 units are placed on a total of 9. The return will be 21 units if 9 wins.
  • Betting on 12 – 3 units are placed on a total of 12. The return will be 21 units if 12 wins.
  • Betting on 13 – this strategy gives a total of 11 units with a possible return of 27 if 13 wins.

All in all, Sic Bo strategies can bring success if the player uses common sense. Whatever strategy you choose, try to reduce the risk of losses and chose only “whitelisted” casinos by Australian government. Remember that even the best betting system never gives any advantage over the house.


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