Play Sic Bo online free: where to find players and how to win the game

Play Sic Bo online free both for fun and for real money in Australia

Previously, there was only one dice game in a casino. Its simple rules were that players could bet on numbers on dice or a range of numbers. Over time, two similar games based on dice mechanic were created – Craps and Sic Bo. Today we will talk about the complex and very interesting game – Sic Bo. The rules of Sic Bo are significantly different from Craps, although both games have similar mechanics and table layouts.

The main difference between them is that:

  1. Three cubes are used in Sic Bo, and two in Craps.
  2. In Sic Bo, the values on the dice do not affect different bets. All bets either win or lose. In Craps, some bets are affected by the number that will appear on the dice.
    1. There are also many micro-moments, bet options, multipliers, win percentage and much more. You can play Sic Bo online free for real money and for fun. Let’s move on to the how to play the game.

      Sic Bo in Australia step by step guide

      First of all, you need to find a free online casino. In Australia, there are many free gambling platforms for both PC and phone. The object of the game is to make a successful bet and get a reward. Your victory or defeat does not depend on you in any way – 3 dice will solve everything. But how much you win with a successful dice throw depends on the bet. Create an account on any free casino and get ready for the game.

      Exchange virtual money for chips, take a seat at the gaming table. The round begins and all players must place bets. Place your chips on the squares on the table relative to the combination that you think will appear on the dice. 3 dice at this moment are in the shaker, which will turn on after bets. After all the players make a move, the dice will spin and stop at certain numbers. If your combination wins, then you take the payout. The next round begins and all the actions repeat.

      As you can see, the game is simple and quite interesting. It is especially fun to play Sic Bo online free with friends!

      Winning strategies and useful tip for beginners

      Sic Bo is a game of chance. You can’t influence the outcome of the game in any way, but there are a few tricks and strategy that will help beginners to better master the game and get profit:

      1. Do not bet on too many zones. In Sic Bo, you can make several bets in one game. In some casinos, you can make up to 16 bets in one round. But you should not do this, because you will spend much more than you earn.
      2. Place bets on the Big or Small areas. Big and Small bets have the biggest odds and the smallest house edge. Take advantage of this so as not to lose all your balance. But do not focus only on these bets, because you will get bored to play Sic Bo online free . Experiment and find your own winning strategies.
      3. Do not try to find a pattern in a roll of dice. Even if several small bets have fallen in a row, this does not mean that a large bet will win in the next round. The result of the dice does not depend on anything and a small bet can turn out 10 times in a row.

      Make sure to try this interesting Chinese gambling game. Perhaps she will become your favorite casino game!


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